About Us

Mission to Be a Pioneer, Pride as a Leader

It has been over 60 years since SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO put out Japan’s first-ever dehumidifying equipment. Since then the industry has grown quickly with rapid technological advances. As a pioneer in “air quality”, we have developed dehumidifying equipment that is today being used through industries ranging from cutting-edge fields such as semiconductor manufacturing to large-scale operations such as fuel plants.
At the same time, development has led to environmental and energy concerns on a global scale. SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO’s continuous research and development aims to raise our customers’ productivity and quality, and also to sincerely address these problems.
A global company with customers in over 40 countries, we acquired ISO9001 certification in the year 2000. We use our strict manufacturing control system to help meet the increasingly diverse needs of our clients.
SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO continues to take pride in its position as a leading company in “air”, and we will continue to contribute to technology and the environment to help make the safe and comfortable future we all want a reality.