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Corporate History

for business.
by Hajime Shirakawa,
is incorporated in Tokyo.
1960 Head office building is completed.
June 1963 Toda Plant is completed.
1967 LCD hopper dryer employing newly developed four-way air cock valves, are launched.
1971 Equipment for Chubu Electric Power Company's Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station is delivered.
November 1972 Osaka Office opens.
1973 Technical assistance agreement is signed with ERE Co., Ltd.
1974 First heatless air dehumidifying equipment is developed.
October 1976 Yoshihiko Shirakawa becomes the new Representative director.
May 1978 The first PSD-16000 purge gas dryer is delivered to Korea's SPC Corporation  for a terephthalate project.
April 1980 The HPD-5000 closed-loop regenerative dehumidifying equipment is exported to East Germany for an aromatics complex project.
March 1982 Closed-cycle carbon dioxide gas dehumidifying equipmentystem is developed.
October 1982 First HSD-24 waste heat dehumidifying equipment is delivered.
August 1984 Shirakawa Electrolyser Corporation Ltd. is established as a joint venture with Canada's Electrolyser Corporation Ltd. for sales of water electrolysis-based hydrogen and oxygen generators.
December 1984 First PSD-3200, energy-saving heatless dryer control system, is delivered.
February 1985 A carbon monoxide refining system for CDC manufacturing equipment is developed and delivered via a basic engineering service partnership with Linde AG.
A hydrogen production/refining system is delivered to PT Pertamina's aromatics plant via Kellogg Company and Chlorine Engineers Corp., Ltd.
February 1986 The first unit in the FRD line of energy-saving control system dehumidifying equipment is delivered.
July 1986 The first unit in the FRD line of energy-saving control system dehumidifying equipment is delivered.
February 1988 Kyushu Office opens.
September 1989 Head office functions move to the Toda Plant.
November 1992 A low-temperature regeneration system for waste heat dehumidifying equipment is developed and delivered. To date (December 2009), the desiccant has never had to be replaced.
February 1997 A hydrogen/oxygen generating/refining system is delivered to Chubu Electric Power Company H-2.
March 1999 A noise controlling silencer is developed. The first PSD-2000 silencer is delivered.
July 2000 SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO becomes ISO9001 certified.
March 2002 Capital is increased to 64,325,000 yen.
July 2004 Certification for producing regulated high pressure and other gas equipment is granted.
October 2004 Daichi Shirakawa becomes the new representative director.
December 2004 The new head office / main plant is completed.
2007 A dew point meter testing and control facility is added to implement stricter controls for all production processes right up until shipment.