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Changing “Humidity” to “Quality”From “Air” to “Expectation”“Focused Solutions” to “Diverse Problems”

SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO, LTD., was founded in April of 1943, beginning its journey delivering water electrolysis method hydrogen and oxygen generating equipment to the Shimazu Seisakusho Corporation. Since delivering Japan’s first hydrogen dehumidifying equipment to Toshiba, Inc., in 1948, SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO, LTD., has been a world pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of “air quality”.That did not change when SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO demutualized in August of 1957 (Representative Director Hajime Shirakawa) or when Yoshihiko Shirakawa became the Representative Director in October of 1976. At SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO, we continue to focus our efforts on research and development that perfectly match our customers’ needs.

In leading-edge technological fields that are becoming more advanced and more complicated, “air quality” is helping to realize the improvement of whole-plant performance in order to provide ever higher-quality products. “Effective use of air” is an effective answer to the severe demands of higher efficiency and lower energy usage.

SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO has over 60 years of experience, with 10,000 units in over 40 countries. Based on this record, we continue to develop products that comply with our client’s needs for a brighter tomorrow by making a huge contribution to not only quality, safety, but efficiency, and the environment from the viewpoint of “air quality”.