How can I save energy when using an air dehumidifying equipment?

The most effective way to reduce energy consumption is to cut down on the energy your dehumidifying equipment uses for regeneration.

Energy used in the regeneration process includes electricity or steam for heating as well as electricity for compressing the purge air or gas used for cooling or consumed (released) in the case of a heatless dehumidifying equipment.

  1. Optimizing dehumidifying equipment cycles through dew point control minimizes regeneration frequency and energy loss.
  2. Controlling heating temperatures in a heated regenerative dehumidifying equipment enables you to adjust dehumidifying equipment purge to actual moisture load conditions and reduce the time needed for heating.
  3. Pre-cooling the inlet air (to reduce water content) enhances dehumidifying equipment efficiency and reduces the amount of energy needed for regeneration.
  4. Waste heat from the compressor can also be used for regeneration, although it may not be suitable in some cases.


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