Customized Solutions

Custom-engineered for Maximum Performance and Quality

100% Order-made Design

We draw up a detailed plan that takes into consideration your company’s plant layout and environments, together with your company’s unique problems and issues, post-installation usability and the necessity of utilities. We also consider energy use and the impact on the environment to provide you with the most effective, most efficient solutions.

The Next Genelation of Dehumidifying Equipment

From enhancements that make equipment more space- and energy-efficient, with lower running costs, to equipment that makes use of utilities such as steam, connection of equipment to your network, to peripherals such as control panels, heating and cooling devices—we do it all. SHIRAKAWA SEISAKUSHO works aggressively to create a wide range of products around dehumidifying equipment.

Strict Quality Maintenance and One-stop System

A strong manufacturing management system built on experience. We offer products that meet the strictest standards of quality through our one-stop process from design and development through production. We respond quickly with post-installation maintenance and to questions in operation.