Minimizing environmental noise

Heatless regenerative dehumidifying equipment use no external heat source for desiccant regeneration and operate on short cycles (3 to 5 minutes) due to their unique system characteristics.

Due to frequent cycling, heatless regenerative dehumidifying equipment produce a considerable amount of noise and noise pollution whenever the regeneration tower depressurizes. At Shirakawa we are putting technology to work on breakthrough noise cutting designs that are putting an end to noise pollution. While manufacturers often try to cut down on noise by increasing exhaust resistance, this inhibits dehumidifying equipment performance. Our dehumidifying equipment employ a non-resistance silencer as well as a special control mechanism to adjust the speed at which the valve automatically opens.

Fitted with an exhaust silencer for quiet operation

We recommend heated regenerative dehumidifying equipment as a quieter alternative to heatless systems. Since heated regenerative dehumidifying equipment have longer cycle time, the regenerating tower depressurizes gradually over a longer period of time, resulting in lower depressurization noise.