Solutions You Can Count On

Providing Customized Solutions Engineered to Your Exact Needs

We provide customized solutions to prevent problems associated with the location where the air dehumidifying equipment is installed. Here are just a few examples of our innovative solutions to typical problems.

01 Regular Maintenance
We use control panels and electrical instrumentation components designed for outdoor use when the air dehumidifying equipment is to be installed outdoors. The body is fully protected by a weather-resistant coating.
02 Minimizing Salt Damage
Whenever an air dehumidifying equipment is to be installed in a location that is susceptible to salt damage, we use coated, plated, and corrosion-resistant materials as well as components. When that's not enough, we go the extra mile to find the optimal materials and components that are best suited to the environment where the product is to be installed.
03 Installation in Hazardous Areas
Our heatless regenerative air dehumidifying equipment, free of any motor circuits, offer the optimal solution to the problem of installing air dehumidifying equipment in hazardous areas. We also offer heated regenerative air dehumidifying equipment equipped with a steam heater, rather than a conventional heater, as another safe alternative when dealing with hazardous areas.
04 Installation under Unfavorable Ambient Conditions
When the environment near the compressor inlet or the location where the air dehumidifying equipment is going to be installed is subject to corrosive elements, it's vital that you choose the right model made from materials and components that can stand up to anything that comes their way.
Substances adsorbed by desiccants in heated regenerative air dehumidifying equipment may become concentrated and corrode the equipment or damage the desiccant when they are heated during the regeneration process.

The good news is that we can prevent these problems from ever occurring by using just the right alternative components and materials as well as coating or plating.